Quick House Cleaning in 5 Easy Steps

Want to know how to make quick house cleaning easy? My house is definitely not spotless. If someone came into my house with a white glove, I’m sure they’d find many places needing a little dusting or wiping down. However, most of the time I can give the illusion my house is cleaner than it actually is.

Let’s say your friend calls and asks to stop by for a few minutes; if I am being honest, most people want even their close friends thinking their house is super clean. A clean house doesn’t seem realistic with kids running around leaving toys and goldfish wrappers everywhere and a messy husband who most likely leaves his shoes in the middle of the main walkway and dirty dishes on every counter, right? Well, I have figured out some hacks to “trick” people into believing my house is almost always clean. All it takes is less than 15 minutes and a few easy steps to get this illusion.

Cluttered kitchen countertops covered in dirty dishes, cereal boxes and keys
My Messy Kitchen!

1. Declutter Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Counters typically become holding places for almost everything. The kitchen is, after all, the center of the house for most families. My kitchen counters typically end up with dirty dishes, empty cereal boxes, and used containers food. They also seem to be the holding place for items such as sunglasses, keys, and hair brushes (yes, I know … gross!).

Kitchen counter covered in dirty dishes, keys, wrappers, and cereal boxes.
Keys, Dishes, and Cereal Box Need to be Removed

I’ve realized, if I have a place to put these items, cleanup is a lot quicker! I have a “junk drawer” in my kitchen island. Keys, pens, pencils, notepads, rubber bands, and everything in between ends up in said drawer. Having this helps so much with the cleanup process! Also, any dirty dishes get rinsed and put in the dish washer.

2. Wipe Down and Clean Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops

The next step to a quick house cleaning is wiping down kitchen and bathroom countertops. I use an all-purpose cleaner and I always have either a rag or paper towels on hand! Since you’ve already cleared countertops, this shouldn’t take more than a minute or two in the kitchen. The bathroom can also be cleaned quickly! Start with the mirror, and the quickly wipe down the sink and then the toilet. When you are all done, toss your paper towels in the trash or your rag in the washer!

All purpose house cleaner and a paper towel
Cleaner and Paper Towels
Cleaned and wiped down kitchen.
A Clean Kitchen!

3. Have a place for all of your “stuff” (toys, books, magazines, etc)

Always have a place for your “stuff”! Our home has a formal living room we really never use for. It has become a wonderful place for storing kids toys and art supplies! I use an old repurposed dresser for housing all of my kids art stuff (coloring books, crayons, stickers, glue, etc..) We also have a shelf with baskets containing toys kept downstairs like Legos, baby dolls, and puzzles.

Dresser used for storing art supplies.
Art Supply Storage Dresser

Our family room is usually where items such as iPads, remotes, blankets, dog toys and many other miscellaneous items end up. These all have “homes”. Blankets all go one large basket, electronics go in a small basket next to the couch, and the dog toys have their own bin. The process of straightening this room really only takes a couple of minutes!

4. Push in Kitchen Chairs, Fluff Up Couch Cushions and Straighten Pillows

Now we are getting down to “extra” but fun stuff for your quick house cleaning! Make couches look “cleaned up.” Take an extra minute to “fluff” up the back of couch cushions and straighten pillows to make them look their best!

straightened up family room
A Straightened Up Family Room

Also, take the extra step to push in any dining room or kitchen chairs that might be out of place!

5. Light a Clean Smelling Candle!

The last,and final, step in a quick house cleaning is the best (in my opinion)! I ALWAYS have a candle on hand. My favorite candles are the Bath and Body Works three wick candles. They smell SO good! Lighting one will make your house smell amazing and gives it that extra clean, yet homey feel!

Lit vanilla candle on the kitchen counter
A Lit Bath and Body Works Candle

Follow these 5 steps to make house cleaning easy and efficient!

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