Favorites from Trader Joe’s #2

Favorites from Trader Joe’s #2 will include some of my family’s favorite items from Trader Joe’s. Previously, I featured some of our favorite groceries from this store. However, there are just so many really good things from Trader Joe’s, so I figured I would do a series of posts on this.

Some of the items you might see in multiple posts, but that’s just because we love them so much and I needed to buy more!

Trader Joe's Haul
Trader Joe’s Haul


When I shop at Trader Joe’s, I always start in the produce section. I’ve found that their produce is almost always a wonderful price and usually looks pretty good. One of my go-to produce items is the 2lb bag of apples. Sometimes they even have 2lb bags of organic apples for 2.99. You can’t beat that! This time, I bought a bag of small honeycrisp apples. They are the perfect size for my kids’ lunches.

2lb bag of honeycrisp apples included in favorites from Trader Joe's
Honeycrisp apples

I also bought a large container of strawberries, Persian cucumbers, and a container of grape tomatoes (my younger daughter loves these).

Okay, so now let’s talk about potatoes. Fun topic, right? Well, in my house, we eat a lot of sweet potatoes. Whether they are just baked in the oven for a couple of hours, cut into sweet potatoes fries or made extra sweet using the honey roasted sweet potato recipe, we just can’t get enough! I also bought some small golden potatoes to to make roasted garlic potatoes. I will feature this recipe in a later post!

Sweet potatoes and small golden potatoes

Frozen Food

Trader Joe’s is known for having an amazing selection of prepared frozen meals. I usually try to cook most weeknights, but there are some nights when we have several different things going on and cooking just isn’t going to happen. When I was at the store this time, I grabbed a couple of our favorite and easy frozen meals.

The frozen turkey corn dogs from Trader Joe’s are so good, and my kids just love them. If I heat these up, I always serve them with a veggie and/or fruit. This week it’ll probably be corn dogs with apple slices and sliced Persian cucumbers. Not very fancy, I know, but sometimes easy is the way to go!

I also grabbed another bag of the frozen ricotta and spinach ravioli. I plan on using this in my kids’ lunches one day this week.

Frozen Trader Joe's turkey corn dogs and spinach ravioli included in favorites from Trader Joe's
Frozen meals


Snack food in my house is must. I try to always have healthy options (fruits, yogurts, etc..), but sometimes my kids want something crunchy to snack on. Trader Joe’s white cheddar corn puffs are a hot commodity around here. My kids eat them for their snacks at school, when they are just hanging out watching tv at home, and my husband and I love snacking on these at night while hanging out! They are so delicious!

We also love the sandwich crackers. Trader Joe’s carries peanut butter and cheese versions. My favorite is the peanut butter!

Trader Joe's white cheddar corn puffs and a box of peanut butter crackers including in favorites from Trader Joe's
Snack food


Last night, I cooked a Trader Joe’s chicken for dinner. It was so easy and absolutely delicious! The lemon rosemary marinated chicken can be found with the other meats/poultry. The work is pretty much done for you so all you need to do is bake it! I served this with some sweet potatoes and a side of broccoli! This makes such an easy meal!

Another item I got from this section is the ground turkey. I plan on using this for mini turkey meatloaves sometime this week! The recipe for these will be featured on an upcoming post.

Trader Joe's lemon rosemary chicken and ground turkey
Lemon chicken and ground turkey

Favorites from Trader Joes’s include such a variety of grocery items! There just are so many wonderful items at Trader Joe’s. From prepared frozen meals, to delicious and affordable produce, they seem to have it all!

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