Build Your Own Taco Bar

A “build your own” taco bar is such a fun way to serve tacos to your family. Everyone gets to choose their favorite toppings which will make everybody happy! Also, my kids eat so much better when they feel like they have some control over what is on their plate, and I love a serving a meal I know my kids will eat.

Taco Meat, Vegetables, Tortillas, Cheese, and Salsa for Build Your Own Taco Bar
Taco Fillings!

This is also such a fun and easy thing to serve to a crowd. Whether you are hosting a birthday party or just having people over to hang out, a “build your own” taco bar will be a crowd pleaser for sure!

There are many options when it comes to how to fill a taco shell. The options for meats, vegetables and other toppings can be endless! Also, the shell itself can be crunchy, a soft flour tortilla, or a soft corn tortilla. Another fun spin on tacos would be to make taco salads and have some chips on the side. Oh, the possibilities!!

Flour Tortillas and Chips for Build Your Own Taco Bar
Flour Tortillas a Chips – Two Taco “Shell” Options

The filling of a taco is the fun part! I am going to share some of my family’s favorites, but you can put out whatever your family loves.

Build Your Own Taco Bar – Filling Possibilities

Simple Proteins for Taco Filling:

Ground Turkey or Beef – Just cook on the stove top with some taco seasoning (homemade or out of a packet).

1 lb ground turkey
Ground turkey

Shredded Chicken – Cook chicken on the stove or in a slow cooker (you can use this easy recipe for slow cooker chicken tacos).

Beans – Use simple black or pinto beans. Refried beans also make a delicious and easy taco filling.

Vegetables for Taco Filling:

Diced Tomatoes – I use whatever kind of tomatoes I have on hand, and dice them up.

Corn – Typically, I will use a can of corn, but frozen corn (thawed), roasted, or grilled corn would work too. Just use what you have!

Shredded lettuce – Shred Iceberg, Romain, or any other leafy green your family loves.

Bell Peppers and Cucumbers – If you happen to have these in your fridge, cut them up and serve as another taco filling option!

Avocado – This seems so obvious, but it really does make the perfect addition to a taco. Also, avocados are full of nutrients and healthy fats!

Olives – My kids absolutely love olives on their tacos. These might not be a traditional taco topping, but put them out and see if anyone in your family likes them!

Diced Tomatoes, Corn, Avocado, Lettuce and Green Peppers
A Few Veggies Used for the Taco Bar

Other Toppings for Taco Filling:

Cheese – Most of the people in my family can’t get enough of this stuff. I will usually buy a pack of shredded Mexican cheese blend at my local store to keep on hand for meals like tacos, enchiladas, or quesadillas. However, you can use any cheese you and your family like. 

Salsa – This is something that can always be found in our fridge. There is nothing better than some chips and salsa! Plus, we tend to have Mexican inspired meals quite a bit, and salsa is a must have with most of those! There are also so many varieties of salsa! I usually buy mild or medium, but if you can handle the heat, try hot salsa for an extra kick of spice!

Lime and Cilantro – These two things make the biggest difference in flavor! Just a little squirt of lime and a tad bit of cilantro on the top of a taco, and you have an amazing meal. 

These are just a few ideas of what to include in a taco bar. Next time you plan on having taco night at your house, try setting up a “build your own” taco bar. The possibilities for toppings and taco fillings are endless!

Taco Meat, Vegetables, Tortillas, Cheese, and Salsa for Build Your Own Taco Bar
Taco Fillings!
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