Basket Organization Hacks

Basket organization hacks are so helpful in most homes. Who wants toys, blankets, remote controls, and other random clutter taking over the house? I know I don’t! Personally, I just love having easy ways to clean up and hide all of our “junk.” Baskets make this so easy!

I mentioned this in my clean up post, but one of my favorite things about baskets is that they can give your stuff a “home.” In my house, we use baskets for SO many different things. Using this method helps to make a house look so much less cluttered.

Basket Uses

Toy Baskets

We keep most of my kids’ toys upstairs in the bonus room or their bedrooms, but some of their stuff stays downstairs in the “formal” living room. We do this because, let’s be honest, sometimes or most of the time, my kids want to be right where I am. Having baskets in the main part of our house for toys allows my children to keep toys in an easily accessible stop, but makes cleanup so fun and easy! 

My younger daughter loves to play with legos. One of the baskets we have is dedicated solely to her legos. Once she has cleaned them up, we don’t have to worry about looking at them scattered around the floor. There is nothing worse than stepping on a lego! Other toy baskets are used for doll clothes, dress up stuff, and larger baskets for stuffed animals. 

Large basket used for storing legos
Lego basket

Basket for Blankets

We keep several blankets in our family room at all times. In the winter, there is nothing better than getting cozy on the couch with a blanket and a cup of tea or a glass of wine. In the summer we have them out because with the AC on all the time, it can get pretty chilly inside. Because we always have them out, these blankets definitely need a “home.” Keeping a large basket in our family room makes for super easy cleanup. Also, it is so nice to have them just a few steps away when we want the snuggle up with one. 

Large basket use for storing blankets
Large basket for blankets

Pet Baskets

Our yellow lab absolutely loves to play. She has so many toys (many of which get destroyed in a matter of minutes). The toys that withstand our dog’s chewing end up all over the floor downstairs in our house. Having a basket dedicated to her toys helps tremendously when we want to quickly straighten up. Also, we keep a basket of her medicines and treats at the top of our pantry. This helps to keep her stuff separate from ours.

Where to buy baskets

You can get baskets for your home in so many different ways! Also, there is no reason to pay top dollar for them. Most of the baskets I have in my home are from TJ Maxx/Home Goods. I love buying baskets from discount stores like this one. You can usually find nice, high quality baskets for a very good price! Another place to look would be a local thrift store. We have several thrift shops in my town, and I frequently see baskets that would be great for organizing! Also, ask your mom or another family member if they have any baskets they want to get rid of. Doing this, you aren’t spending any money and you are helping your family member get rid of something they aren’t using anymore

Clean up and organization doesn’t have to be difficult. Using these basket organization hacks will help make the process a breeze!

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