5 Exercise Tips for Busy Moms

Exercise tips for busy moms will include several of my favorite ways to workout. As a mom of two children, I realize it is extremely difficult to find the time to focus on yourself. This includes finding the time in your day to workout and exercise. However, spending hours at the gym every day isn’t necessary. Would it be great if you had that much time? Of course! This just isn’t a reality for most of us moms.

Here are a few ways to sneak exercise into your busy schedule.

1. Utilize what you have at home.

This is important because it is easy. When my kids were babies, there were many days that I had a couple of hours while they were napping. During nap time, I was stuck at home. If you have this time, use it to do something like your favorite workout video. Some of my favorites include good music like a Zumba workout! Also, if you have a machine such as a treadmill or elliptical, use that for 20-30 minutes!

Another thing you can do at home would be to sneak in some stomach exercises such as crunches, sit ups, or planks whenever you have a free moment. These can be done after your kids are in bed, while they are watching tv, or eating a snack; just whenever you get a couple of free minutes! Also, if you have free-weights use those! If you don’t have weights at home, you can find them at most sport goods stores or even big box stores such as Target.

Kettlebell used for exercising inside used for exercise tips for busy moms
Kettlebell used for exercising inside!

2. Group exercise classes

Exercising with a group can be very beneficial for many of us moms. Do you ever find yourself needing a conversation that doesn’t involve “did you wash your hands” or “go clean your room”? Getting out of the house and doing an exercise class whether it is a bootcamp class, spin class or even maybe a water aerobics class will give you that time you’ve been craving. And who knows, maybe you will even meet some new friends! Another benefit to doing classes is that most of them will offer some kind of childcare. This is a win-win. You get adult time, and your children get time to socialize as well!

3. Carve out time

This is probably my favorite tip. I just love going on runs and long walks. I know there are many moms out there who will use a jogging stroller and bring their young kids with them. For me, however, I’ve found that my morning runs are one of my favorite times of the day so I always try to carve out time for my morning runs. I will usually set my alarm a little earlier every morning so that I can run either before my kids are awake or after they’ve had breakfast and before my husband has to go to work. The best thing about this is that there isn’t any equipment other than some good shoes required for this. If you have trouble staying motivated, sign up for a race! There are always really fun 5k’s in most towns. This will give you a goal to aim for when going on walks or runs. 

Asics running shoes used in exercise tips for busy moms
Shoes worn for long morning runs!

If running or walking isn’t your thing, carve out the time to do your favorite exercise class or workout video before your kids are awake or after your kids are in bed!

4. Get creative

This may seem obvious, but get creative with your exercise. Do you feel like you are always running to the grocery store? Don’t park close. Park a little further, and you will naturally get more steps in. If you are somewhere that requires an elevator, use the stairs instead. Doing little things like this during the day can make a huge difference!

5. Play with your kids!

Get outside and play with your kids! Sometimes, us adults forget how to have fun. Some of the best exercise you can get is just by going outside and playing with your children! My kids love jumping rope and playing tennis. These are both things that I used to love as a kid as well. When we have free time on the weekends, one of our favorite family activities is going to the tennis courts in our neighborhood. 

I also just love going on walks and bike rides with my children. Everyone gets outside to get some fresh air and exercise. And, the best party: it is really fun!!  

Exercising shouldn’t be a terrible chore! These 5 exercise tips for busy moms are just some of my tips for fitting exercise into your busy schedule as a mom!

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